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i like this part of the post:"I hope everyone is having a great new year. I love starting a new year, reflecting on the past, and looking toward the future. It's always bittersweet for me. " is very good

Miss Nightingale

Intentions are so much better than resolutions, you are so right! Much empathy about your father and brother, you will be honouring them in the best way possible, living life to the fullest. :)

I still get very emotional about my father's death, too, a few years ago now.

My intentions this year are to be braver, to stop procrastinating and not to worry about things so much. :)

Love your blog, only found it today and have added it to my list.


I am gonna laugh more, play more, love more!
live my life! Yes! xoxo


I like to reflect on my life as much as possible and it does always seem to come up at the beginning of a new year.

I think about my Grandmother, who passed away when I was 12, all the time but instead of being saddened by the loss I imagine how happy she would be that I'm happy and healthy.

My intentions for the year are simple, live my life to the fullest. Doing things I enjoy (your list sounds fabulous) as much as possible and not regretting spending more time on myself. Here's to a great new year.


Yes, intentions do sound better than resolutions! I am going to use that moving foward.

Intention to is to be present in the moment and to have the mindset of unlimited possibilities. Of course to only think, act and breathe lovingness and compassion.

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