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 foot massager

She had frequently thought, -- especially since his father's marriage with Miss Taylor,—that if she were to marry, he was the very person to suit her in age, character, and condition.

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Now it so happened, that, in spite of Emma's resolution of never marrying, there was something in the name, in the idea, of Mr. Frank Churchill, which always interested her.

Lauren Wilcox

This thread has great information on shopping. A friend of mine told me about this cool app that allows you to get instant feedback from your Facebook friends on whether you should buy something or not (for themselves or as a gift). Here's the link - I think the app is coming out around Black Friday but you can sign up now:


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I love the CLEAN anti bacterial spray so I will have to add this product to my list of must haves.


Thanks a lot for sharing this with us, was a great post and very interesting

Das ist sehr hilfreich für mich, Ich mag dieses Blog, ich kann eine Menge lernen.Chanel taschen ist eine gute Website, es gibt Dinge, die Sie benötigen.

Skin Bleach

all antibacterial products that I have tried have to much alcohol and make my skin dry. I would like to try that one.

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I like this article. Write very well. I learn more from this post.

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I used it.I have it on my desk at work, in my purse.I could see that being really useful. The hand cream itself is pretty moisturizing, and feels nice on the hands.

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That's a great product.

Makeup Trends

Looks like a great Product I will check it out soon!

Jennie Fresa

What a great product. Can't wait to try it out!


Love how this antibacterial hand cream does not contain alcohol, parabens, and some other chemicals that are harmful. I didn't think it would be sold at Nordtrom.


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How long lasts the antibacterial effect after applying?

Trina J

I love the CLEAN anti bacterial spray so I will have to add this product to my list of must haves :)


thanks for the good review =)

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If you like multi-tasking products CLEAN has one for you. I always keep an anti-bacterial spray in my handbag and now CLEAN Anti-bacterial Moisturizing Hand Cream has created a dream product. I used this hand cream all over Paris after metro rides and museum strolling. I suggest getting more than one and keeping them every where.

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Everybody is a moon, and has a dark side which he never shows to anybody.

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is the cream the same as a hand sanitizer?


I've been waiting for a while for an anti-bacterial hand lotion that actually works.

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